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Shielding children from some of life's harsher realities, ie. illness and death, robs them of important opportunities to learn how to be fully human. Unexpressed emotions don't just go away, they continue to impact our lives and our relationships.
An article that explains the natural cycle of coping with grief and 3 common situations where grief goes unrecognized.
People who have lost a loved one, either a human or animal, search for ways to remember and at least keep a memory alive. Sharing stories helps us remember those good days and the joy that loved one brought to us. We may no longer to enjoy their fun and love in this existence, but the memory can remind us of the emotions and experiences we had together.
What do you say to someone who has just lost a child to death? What do you say to someone whose parent has died from a lingering illness? What do you say when a family member lost their life in a war you don't believe in? What do you say when the death came about from murder? Or suicide? Or drug overdose?
Everyone in life feels depressed at times, that is completely normal and healthy. However suicidal thoughts are not a normal response to stress. It is completely normal to have feelings such as sadness, depression, anger, anxiety, hopelessness and frustration. However none of these feelings should lead to suicidal thoughts.
Love between partners get stronger in time of grief with maximum emotions and without sex. The counseling by the life partner not only decrease the anxiety also give strength to face the reality.
Have you ever heard someone say that in retrospect a tragedy was the best thing that ever happened to them? You just shake your head and wonder what they are talking about. How can the bad be good? For someone who has recently lost a loved one, the future is confusing, frightening and very vague. They are not sure who they are now that they are no longer the caregiver, wife, daughter or whoever they had labeled themselves through the years.