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Green Technology companies need to take marketing lessons from big pharma’s playbook if they want to survive the next few years of limp economic recovery and legislative foot dragging.
Selling to wants is fantastic when a surging economy leaves people flush with discretionary income, but the spend-happiness of 2003-2008 isn't coming back soon, so any business looking to penetrate new markets better learn to position their product or service as a need. This is a serious dilemma for the green technology industry.
As much as those of us cheering for government assistance in the home energy efficiency industry don’t want to admit it, the Home Star program (aka ‘Cash for Caulkers’) looks like it will not make it through the legislature in 2011. In case you get asked “Why did Home Star fail?” or “Will Home Star pass in 2011?” here’s the talking points so you can sound like an expert.
Due to their largely internal and invisible nature, energy efficiency projects don't get the attention of flashier renewable energy projects. This is despite their lower startup costs and more attainable ROI. We think intelligent property managers will make 2011 the Year of Energy Efficiency.
Whether to pay for an energy audit - and if so, how much - is not a simple question. The answer largely depends on your goals for the audit, the age of your home and your reason for considering the audit in the first place. Let’s take a look at the available options along with some situational recommendations to hopefully make sense of it all.