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If you are seeking how to become a successful entrepreneur, you must first see yourself successful. Most successful business men who started with a product or a service saw success from the very beginning
"Our greatest victories are won not over circumstances or other people but over ourselves." -Doug Grady
Personal development involves the process of selecting objectives, determining a course and following that course in order to achieve those objectives
Afraid the recession is here to stay a bit longer? If so, you’re not alone. Economists and Futurists are all over the map predicting doom and gloom on one-hand and recovery and good times on the other.What should you do to make this your best year ever? There are new rules for profiting in a slowly recovering economy -- a new economy in which your people are buried in information every day, budgets are tight, and people are more skeptical than ever. This article tells you how to begin your personal plan.
All of want to live a balanced life. Goal-setting can make or mar our success in our lives. We must set such goals for our life that creates balance and harmony in all our relationships.
“Marperations™”, the unification, synergy, and integration of marketing and operations, has existed since the beginning of time; however, since we did not have a word for it, no MBA program has yet taught it. This term opens the door for the world of business to benefit from a cohesive system; one in which marketing and operations are two sides of the same coin, just as price and quality have become.
What they don't tell you in The Secret is that, in the search for anything, the first thing that happens is that the blocks to that thing come up. So, a breakdown does not mean you're doing the wrong thing - it means you're just about to have a breakthrough.
In life, there are three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who ask after the fact "what Happened". 3 Steps to Keeping your Life Moving Forward
There is a lot of truth in the saying "you become what you think about most "or "your results will reflect the size of your thinking". 7 Habits to Become a Super Achiever
People looking to break out on their way to a fulfilling life include individuals that are more or less just getting started on their journey as well as those that have drifted off course over the years and find themselves staring at their dreams, a blurry haze way off in the distance.