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Learn how you can impact global warming and reduce your environmental footprint with small changes including using ENERGY STAR bulbs, quitting smoking, recycling and more.
Geothermal energy is energy that comes from heat naturally generated inside the earth. Rain water percolates down into the earth where it forms underground pools and subterranean rivers.
Forests are an important use of land in most countries Forest development is key area of land use forests can make or break a country's land use. This is true for many reasons, but when it comes to global warming, it is particularly true.
The G20 summit Ready To Begin In London Global Warming Big Issue.
Modern day concentrations of ground level ozone pollution are decreasing the growth of trees in the northern and temperate mid-latitudes, with tree growth set to reduce 10 percent by the year 2100.
US has to deal with Global Crisis and Global warming with global leadership.