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Do you really love your spouse? Do you demonstrate a strong feeling of deep affection for your spouse? Is your love growing with the years? .You'll agree with me that there are a lot of articles out there on how to show love to your spouse,but it is a daunting task to to find just one article that seeks to help or gives clear and accurate details on how to turn a problematic relationship to a romantic one.Hence this article is one in a million and deserves your undivided attention
How would you define commitment in a particular relationship? Many would say that it springs from a sense of duty.Certainly, such motive is admirable and will help a marriage survive difficult times. But to be happy, marriage mates need to feel more than just a sense of obligation to each other.When a man and woman earn each other's trust and work at becoming the best of friends, their commitment to the relationship will grow.
Are you satisfied in the relationship you keep? You're in a relationship but you feel like to break it.You want to be there but something in you tells you to break the relationship.Every relationship you keep either moves you towards your cherished dreams or away from them.Choose wisely.
When we sin it is a transgression against God. Indeed all sin is a sin against God. But God is so gracious that not only will He forgive our sins upon repentance, He will forget them. Because He looks at us as His children, through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, He sees in us only perfection and only goodness.
Why am I here? What should I do? Where should I go? With whom? What will happen when I am gone? Why is there so much pain? What is the meaning of life?
The great changes that happen in your life after fifty.
Although honesty is generally taught as the best policy, I would propose that it is the only policy to follow in 99% of cases. The other 1% could be called "white lies." How are you to know the difference, that is, when someone is telling the whole truth as opposed to a white lie? Here are some tips that will help you spot a liar.
Jesus was a good friend when he walked the earth and He is a good friend today. As we mature spiritually and develop our relationship with Him, we began to appreciate not only how much Jesus loves his people, but what a friend we have in Him.
There are times when distance would set us apart from our friends, and thus, we find ourselves feeling more withdrawn or separated from them.
Is friendship important? Do you feel or think that others don't want to be your friend? Do you label yourself as "shy" or a "loner"? If you could look in a catalog to find the kind of friend you would like, what would you look for? How many of those characteristics do you share with others?