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Fish Patties is one of delicacy that can be taken anytime. It is easy to make and cook.
If you are into Spanish food, Mewi’s paella is certainly a delicious dish that you should try.
Goshen’s spicy salmon is a wonderful seafood delight that is a tasty way to prepare salmon. This dish is complemented will with white rice. Goshen’s spicy salmon combines spicy and sweet together for a uniquely tasty meal.
Goshen’s vinegar fish is a wonderful Indonesian delight that will impress any seafood lover. This seafood dish uses 2-3 filleted mackerel. Goshen’s vinegar fish also is complemented well with delicious coconut rice or regular white rice.
A quick and easy salmon recipe that is sure to impress. Goshen's southern style baked salmon is a nice quick alternative to cooking salmon. Unlike my other recipes you may not want to marinade the salmon then night before.