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Introduction of 2checkout.com to the crowd. With my ongoing quest to charge people on the internet at their convenience, I have again sign up on another payment method, this is the time when paypal was already offered in our country and yet the functionality are only limited to withdrawal only.
Settling an auto insurance claim by your insurance company could sometimes be a very painful process. The auto Insurance claim could start with a lot of paperwork and end up in a unreasonable settlement of claim
Looking forward to 2009 analysis were characterized by an almost desperate attempt to identify positive, or at least promising, developments that can perhaps be discerned in the gloom enveloping the global economy at the end of 2008.
Annuities are risky investments! The insurance company can go out of business and you will lose your money! Let me tell you. Nothing could be further from the truth.
FTSE 100 has lost 31% of its value in 2008 - Russia down 72% and China off 65%.
America’s personal finance habits need an overhaul. This is not new to anyone who has seen a news headline during the past year. We, America as a whole, are in a financial mess. We haven’t a clue as to how to use logic when it comes to money.
The series of highs and lows can leave you with a feeling of hopelessness. How can you know if a company is cooking the books?
Not a day goes by that there isn’t another headline about what’s happening with the credit crunch and the world’s financial crisis. Lately, it has been the Fed lowering the interest rate that’s a record-breaking low. Credit card companies are getting hit with new rules and we still don’t know what’s going to happen with the auto industry.
When I was only a teenager, my father died suddenly. Overnight, my family was faced with many decisions to make and the uneasy feeling of not knowing where to find vital information. We also were unsure of what my father would have wanted us to do. We had not discussed any end-of-life issues. It had never crossed our minds to do so. Unfortunately, this would not be the last time a premature death would touch me personally and impress upon me the value of preparation and documentation.
Islamic banks appeared on the world scene as active players over two decades ago. But many of the principles upon which Islamic banking is based have been commonly accepted all over the world, for centuries rather than decades.