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When we are talking about some of the most beautiful and impressive festivals in the world, Japan should find a special place in the heart of every traveler that at sometime visited the land of the samurai. Maybe the most beautiful season in the world is the season of cherry blossoms in Japan. In the period that the cherry trees are filled with pink and white flowers, the Japanese celebrate this event through a series of exquisite festivals.
I entered the bizarre world of of the Pushkar Fair: Camels, sadhu holy men, pilgrims, touts, tourists, snake charmers, lepers and little blue boys dressed as the Hindu god Lord Shiva. They were all there. The full moon of November brings a bit of insanity to the local atmosphere--fireworks, glitter, Rajasthani fashionistas--all side-by-side with the filth. But that's India . . .
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