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Be your own boss. Manage your own schedule. Bring home more money. Sound too good to be true? Well, fortunately, it can be true. Become a webcam model and join the ranks of thousands of people just like you living life the way they deserve!
Freelance professionals are still in growing demand today. More and more employers are recognizing the benefits that freelancers bring. They save money on training, overhead, and benefits.
Irvine, California like many cities in America during this low economic time is suffering from a lack of employment citywide. A new site has set out to improve the employment situation by providing a central hub where all Irvine, CA residents and those moving into the area can find work without searching through numerous websites.
Let’s assume for the purposes of this article that you have the requisite background for the position for which you are applying, have outstanding references, and otherwise on paper meet the requirements of the position. What other things must you have?
In today’s economy, with double digit inflation still the case in many states and the national average just under double digits (March 2010), many job seekers wonder what to do with their resume in terms of period of unemployment.
Employment and jobs creation is a very complicated process and there are too many controversial and differing views about it. Above all, it's not a static process. It must remain dynamic and highly adaptive to continuously changing circumstances and economic and business environment.
Twenty-five centuries ago, Ancient Greek Hippocrates identified four personality types. These personalities can help you to make effective career decisions.
Intuition, highly prized in Eastern cultures, is often undermined in Western culture by "rational, logical" decision making methodologies. Intuition, by contrast, can serve as one of the most accurate decision making tools in choosing a career or job.
The University of Chicago recently published a survey of the happiest and unhappiest jobs.
CBC radio broadcast a segment this morning on harassment and bullying in the workplace.