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Why are we afraid to face the truth? Every day we worry about tomorrow's problem. Every moment we try to think of excuses because we are answerable to our family, friends and loved ones. People need an explanation for every "why?" you face in your life.
No one wants to look for trouble but when crisis does arrive, the only person qualified to beat them is YOU. Here are eight simple and effective ways to beat the crisis. Try them.
A lady does not to be smoking hot or wise to seduce a guy it is just a matter of immensely stroking a guy without intimidating his some how fragile ego. Most guys usually like to be the initiators but some have little gut or mustered courage to approach a lady due to their ego problems
Why am I here? What should I do? Where should I go? With whom? What will happen when I am gone? Why is there so much pain? What is the meaning of life?
Encouraging words are a gift of courage. This gift is one of bravery, daring, and valor, giving you permission to take risks and to keep on trying. While it is important to give words of encouragement to others, it is vital to give them to yourself.
Encouraging words are extremely powerful. When you encourage somebody, you are giving them a gift of courage. It compels them to move forward, to achieve more in life than just the bare minimum. Knowing that somebody wants you to succeed, and tells you so, can give you the courage and the confidence to truly do so.
Leadership can be a test of courage. Maybe the real leaders are the ones who can move past the fear to get the job done.
A humerous look at one woman's adventure on crutches going for her mammogram -- with typical womanly dread...but also a hint of appreciation and gratefulness.