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Vienna has served and continues a serve an important role in the world, today as the capital of Austria and as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire in the past.
A city of intrigue and excitement, Buenos Aires is the second largest city in South America.
The basic requirements for minors are the same as adults when applying for a US passport.
Toronto is one of the most family friendly cities in the world, meaning it's a great candidate for a family vacation. Family vacations are important; getting your children out to see the world is one of the best ways to learn about different people and different cultures. While Canadian culture isn't as drastically different as that of, say, Korea or Turkey, there is still a lot to learn from our northern neighbors.
Traveling with a baby or a young child can be difficult and often embarrassing. From getting passports for minors to changing diapers in an airplane bathroom, it seems as if every turn presents a new challenge. With the proper planning, your airline trip (believe it or not) can go smoothly.
The days are gone when airlines will just believe that you have your own child when traveling. You will need to show identification for any child who is traveling. Even an infant must have a child passport to travel so you will need to get one if you want to fly on an airplane. This includes travel to even Canada or Mexico.
Children and adults have the same basic requirements when it comes to applying for a US passport. However, there are also special requirements that need to be met by those applying for a child’s passport. These requirements are simply designed to show proof of a minor’s relationship with the parents or guardians, as well as to establish the identity of those representing the applicant.
When it comes to passport applications, adults and minors (children below 18 years old) need to submit the same basic requirements.