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Vienna has served and continues a serve an important role in the world, today as the capital of Austria and as the capital of the Holy Roman Empire in the past.
A city of intrigue and excitement, Buenos Aires is the second largest city in South America.
Seoul is the largest city in South Korea, as well as it's capital, and it is one of the largest cities in the world.
All US citizens who want to travel abroad must possess a passport. This serves as proof of identity and citizenship. When we travel with our kids, our government is keeping track where we are.
The basic requirements for minors are the same as adults when applying for a US passport.
There's something about theme parks that brings in millions of visitors every year, whether it's just one day on an itinerary or the main destination.
If you are an American citizen and have minor children that you are going to be taking out of the country, you need to get them a passport. You must prove their origin of birth and identity by obtaining proper travel documents. There are new regulations regarding the process of obtaining such documentation. This is to guarantee the protection of your child from unlawful actions by others.
All children who travel abroad are required to have their own passport. This includes newborns and infants. There are 8 steps to obtain a child's passport for minor under age 16.
Foreign travel is often a great annual vacation but there are times it is planned to commemorate a special occasion. If the occasion is a marriage or honeymoon, there may be the need for a name change on an existing passport but there is no need to worry about the procedure. A Passport Name Change can be processed quickly and easily if you go to an online passport website.
The capital of Serbia is the ancient city of Belgrade which dates back to 4 B.C. The rich extensive history provided here also produces the opportunity for endless sightseeing and exploration. You will, however, need a passport to travel to an international destination.