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This will affect almost every small business in Georgia.
One of the must-dos of business is networking. The more contacts you have the, the higher your probability of converting some of them to customers, right? Ugh...sounds like work to me. But with a slightly different approach, networking can be both fun and rewarding.
Excerpted from "Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else", by Jon Gordon. These apply to every entrepreneur and startup. Make them yours.
This article explains the top tips to have a successful business travel experience.
From a luxury to a necessity, the personal training business has seen an upward trend in the past few years.
Post Globalisation, HR Departments across the globe claim that they are the very foundation and only facilitators of businesses flourishing never before on the earth.HR is just a support function in any Company and it is the only function which gains confidence and respect of the people and Management through the functioning style of the Head of the department.
Toyota in particular owe their phenomenal success to adherence to certain golden principles of management, which includes: elimination of wastage/optimum capacity utilization, struggle for continuous improvement (Jihad), JIT, Visual Control, and TQM, to name a few?all which have been explicitly advertised by the Holy Quran since 1430 years. The Holy Quran even sets out the institutional framework for achieving promised results. This article discusses only a few of these golden principles.
It's a fact today, that never in history has there been a more powerful leveraging tool to information and in creating real wealth in a global marketplace like the internet...
Some principles remain true down through the ages. Whether we cook over a fire or push a button on the microwave, the power of relationships is one of those principles. When fully understood, creating effective relationships will open unimaginable doors for you.
The effects of the failure can be observed, for example, on organization, processes, product or service, finances, marketing and sales. The causes can be related, for example, with strategic planning, implementation, management, control, human resources, absence of competitive intelligence and external factors like market dynamics or government regulations.