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Brain is the powerhouse of human body and controls all its functions. Therefore, it is significant to maintain brain fitness so as to effectively perform all day-to-day activities.
A child’s brain is a perfect example of neuro¬plasicity. As the child learns basic and com¬plex skills, his or her brain changes, connections between neurons are strengthened or eliminated. Here are 10 top questions and answers to explore the developing brain and get a better window on young minds.
From "Use It or Lose It" to "Exercise It and Improve It": The Latest Science on Brain Training
This article shares more insights on how technology are going to revolutionize our brain and cognitive healh. This article is an interview between two research scientists about brain health and technology.
As most people, you probably have bought or thought of buying nutrition complements. Indeed it is hard to get all the good nutrients in one’s diet. The most common consumer purchase is herbal and vitamin supplements purported to improve memory.