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Selling used books can be a great source of income. Here are some tips to help you succeed in online selling.
Fiction books are stories that do more than entertain you. Here are some things that fiction can do to impact your mind and your life.
How to combine Microsoft Office 2007 documents into one large document. For example you have documented procedures for your company and want to turn these documents into a book or manual.
Marketing is time consuming and often frustrating. But do not count on your publisher to do everything, particularly if you are a new author. Be willing to do your own marketing. The harder your effort, the larger your royalty checks will be.
Written in the early era of Human Resource Management Flippo in his book on Personnel Management centralizes around management functions; "plan, organize, direct, control". Flippo's Personnel Management introduced the subject, and coherently built background for achievement of individual, organizational, and social objectives. For the very important instance Flippo talked about Quality of work life and Quality circles and draws a line between soft and hard HRM.
Sales and presentation strategy to have a successful book signing.
Book Marketing - Make an Impact With Your Book Cover Design and Boost Your Book Sales.