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If you work on the internet doing any type of affiliate marketing, then you have no doubt heard of the method involving writing articles that are used to send free traffic to the site you are promoting.
Article Directories enables the authors to hand out their content so that the publishers can take hold of them for their web sites without creating much problem to both of them. This special privilege has eased out much fuss in distributing the written text document.
How to Article marketing is a big topic with so many questions in mind. But in this article, I’d like to answer to one of frequently asked questions about article promotion: “Should I submit articles to only do-follow article directories?”,
With all the effort you put into your article marketing, you want your articles to be read, right? For if they are not read, your resource box won't be noticed and if your resource box isn't noticed, your article isn't doing it's job.
Now that you have decided to create your very own company website you are in no doubt very anxious to see your website LIVE on the internet competing with millions of other websites and becoming the number one website on the web. There are however a lot of ground to cover before you achieve your dream. This article is a collection of the 101 most important factors to consider from the stage when your website is still a twinkle in your eye to the ultimate website of your dreams.
If you are just getting started writing articles you will have seen a lot written on the subjects of 'Keywords' and 'Spinners'. Don't let this confuse you. This article will try and answer some of your questions.
I’m not forcing to invite my audience here. I’m trying to keep it focused on my interests. I feel that I don’t have to worry about boring 90 percent of the audience—because [the audience for my blog] self-selected themselves as wanting to read this, I can be much more authentic and much more liberated to talk about what I really want to talk about, rather than trying to anticipate the needs of a scattered, diverse audience like a magazine has.
Congratulations! You have found a publisher well suited to your book. The contract has been signed. You are a published author! What’s next? What will your publisher do? What should you do to enhance the publisher’s efforts? Viral marketing means many things, including web pages, Blogs, social networking, video marketing and all other electronic means of selling your book. It sounds difficult. In reality, it is simple and free.
Article headlines are the first thing a visitor reads that will either entice them to click on your article for more or push them away to another article someone else has written.
You will find a number of my articles scattered across the internet in more than 150 Article Directories. They have been viewed by thousands of readers, republished, and even emailed to friends of the readers. The benefit has been free information for my readers and traffic to my various blogs and websites. Feel free to copy my formula.