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It is important to know about first aid so that immediate care can be provided when an injury takes place.
Wound healing is a complex process that requires several factors to work together to produce the desired results.
When a wound is inflicted there is always a chance of complications. The worst kind of complication is when a wound does not heal and slides into the chronic zone.
Moleskin, as the name suggests, is not the skin of a mole [a small insectivorous animal with very small eyes and soft fur, which burrows in the ground and casts up little heaps of mould (earth)].
Duoderm is a very effective type of wound dressing which helps in quick wound healing and prevention of infection by providing a moist environment.
Properly managing a wound is extremely important to avoid complications. Wound dressings are a critical part of wound care. Duoderm is a very effective dressing that absorbs exudates and forms a gel to promote quick healing.
As the name suggests, a blister that occurs due to skin getting injured because of severe rubbing against a rough surface, is called a friction blister. Friction blisters are easily caused and can also sometimes be treated easily too.
A duoderm dressing is a medicinal dressing which is opaque and has a semi-permeable polyurethane film. The dressing is impermeable to exudate and micro-organisms. It is also waterproof and allows patients to bathe with it on.