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If you do not see an email from a sender in your inbox, due to the overzealous filtering by ISPs my email may have mistakenly been sent to your spam folder. Please open your spam folder look for it there, open it and mark it as "not spam"...
Yahoo! Answers is a web community where you can ask questions and people who have knowledge about your specific question answer it. With over 90 million people visiting and sharing the knowledge, it is a lot of web traffic if you are able to make a mark in Yahoo Answers.
Even a relative newbie knows that back links are essential for generating traffic. Some of the easiest methods of traffic generation are often the most overlooked. Such easy sources are neglected as they are sitting right in front and we may never realize the effectiveness due its obviousness.
Yahoo! recently expanded their search engine service and now offers users the ability to access information that Yahoo! has about a site's online presence. You can see which sites and sub-pages are indexed by Yahoo! Search, track sites that link into a webpage, and view the most popular pages from any site.