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With the concept in my mind, I sat on the couch with my laptop and a drink on the side table. I started to work on the presentation. However, in just about a minute, a pop-up appeared on my screen. I had no idea as to what to do with it. I tried closing it but it was stuck.
I switched on my computer, and discovered that the operating system on my computer - Microsoft Windows XP had crashed. I tried to solve the problem, but was unsuccessful. There was no other free computer system at the school, which could be used to conduct the presentations. I could see the disappointment on the face of the children when they realized that time was running out, and it may not be possible for them to make their presentations that day.
Computer users are suffering form one more fake application spreading on the Internet and attempting to swindle their money away. The application is called XP Smart Security 2010. It spreads to computer systems actively using Trojan viruses. XP Smart Security 2010 makes an illusion of being a security tool which can solve every single computer problem.
XP Internet Security 2010 is a fraudulent application that targets computers with XP Windows Operating System. The application attacks computers using Trojan viruses. It imitates an update for Windows and is installed automatically. The program loads its scanner which only imitates looking for infections and in the end gives a list of files with random names that XP Internet Security 2010 calls infections. The program recommends removing them by purchasing a full version of XP Internet Security 2010.
Working with a hanging / freezing / slow start computer can be time consuming as programs or applications take a long time to start(loading). This problem is more pronounced in computers which have been used for 6 or more months.