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The main conflict between India and Pakistan is not Kashmir's people but its land for the resource "water".
Why after 15 years Libya Dictator accepted the act of terrorism and ready to pay $ 1.5 Billion.
Why after so many years the same officials of Libya wish to settle the terrorist account with USA. Are they afraid of war on terror?
Taliban is getting stronger in the Northwest region of Pakistan. No doubt that Pakistan is fighting against them but killing one extremist is making ten each day.
Thousands of cancer patients are dying unnecessarily each year because of delays in obtaining treatment, a leading charity has said.
Obama must reinvent the US as a country that listens, that engages with others, and that has, in the famous phrase from the American Declaration of Independence in 1776.
The new elected President of Pakistan Mr. Zardari has yet to demonstrate that he is as good at making judicious use of his political capital as he was at acquiring it.
Review of the book A New Earth By Eckhart Tolle published by Penguin Books, United Kingdom.
Sports literature is filled with tomes describing baseball as a metaphor for life. As a life long fan of the Philadelphia Phillies, the truth of that idea hits home now more than ever.
After the Orange Revolution, the nationalists leaders of Ukraine had desired that the country should break its maximum diplomatic links with Russian Federation.