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The eminence, value and worth of ‘The Life’ has deteriorated leaving people with no option other than to compromise.
Lots of couples go together to gym, they chit chat and help each with stretching and pushups. It's a great way to bond especially in times when work takes up most of their energies.
President of Iran stated today that cabinet should re-adjust the budget as economy is in danger.
Will US help to save the Dictator Basher regime or not. Sudan increased export of oil since 1999 to double the forces budget.
The Iran and Lebanon signed security agreement in which Iran will supply weapons to National Army and Hizbullah.
The terrorist attacks in financial hub of India is the part of attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
US has to deal with Global Crisis and Global warming with global leadership.
Afghan President want US and NATO forces to leave the country and bring Taliban to talk. Why dont Mr. Karzai leave the seat and give it to some one who can really manage the negotiation.
Demand Management is the methodology to control Recession. It refers to government plans and policies to control consumer demand for environmentally sensitive or harmful goods such as water and energy. Within manufacturing firms the term is used to describe the activities of demand forecasting, planning and order fulfillment.
Will Mr. Obama will act like previous Democratic President or he will go like his promise to eliminate the terrorist by forces.