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Child labor must be controlled by making protective and strict law. The poor families are not only making them slaves but selling them for their own needs.
Few kind words, soft touch, feeling and care can surely help the handicaps and mental disables to feel safe and the medication works better.
In less than two weeks from today the euro will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The move to the last phase of EMU - Economic and Monetary Union - on 1st January 1999, marked a watershed in European integration.
India is promoting terrorism since 80s in Sri Lanka by supporting Tamil Tigers.
According to a study published in Medical Journal on 17th December regarding smoking is most significant associated with an increased risk for colorectal cancer and death.
Israel responded promptly to the global crisis despite political limitations, but economic stimulus measures need to be contained to avert a ballooning budget deficit.
video game, which appears on the site shock and awe, the term used by U.S. officials to describe assault on Baghdad in 2003 - gives players 30 seconds to try to hit Bush with a shoe.
Will Islamic Republic of Iran will cut the oil export due to US threat or will increase the production by 1 million barrel by 2015.
C.I.A. of United States of America built up Dictator Saddam Hussien for their own interest.
Whatever the case is but you just cannot be a daydreamer. In actual you have become an ambitious male or female – instead of you wait for the right time.