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E-waste needs careful consideration - placing them in a landfill is not an option. The toxins released by lead, metal, PCB boards and plastics, leak into the air and our water supply, possibly causing whole communities to become sick.
CUBA’S reintegration into Latin America means that the government of Raúl Castro will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the revolution in a wholly different regional context than the one that prevailed in the 1960s
China and Vietnam have settled a lengthy border dispute nearly 30 years after a month-long war that left tens of thousands of people dead.
According to the largest news group of Germany, An economic advisor sees 700,000 Germans losing jobs in 2009.
What happens if extremist strike India again? If terrorist attack on some Indian city; within hours New Delhi blames Pakistan; Islamabad swears it is not involved.
Hamas grabbed power away from Fatah transforming Gaza into a spoiling-for-a-fight Islamist stronghold. Hundreds of Palestinians have lost their lives as a result of Hamas warmongering.
Felt will live on in American political history as Deep Throat, the mysterious insider whose leaks to the journalists ruin to the Nixon presidency.
Pakistan has to end the conflicts with Tribal warriors to close the war chapter on request of China.
The militants’ obscurant version of Islam begins and ends with women folk.
Gaza continues to burn for a third day and Israel continues to expand its murderous campaign against an utterly defenseless people. The two years of Israeli siege and blockade have already driven the people of Gaza to the brink.