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It’s no secret that the average American waistline is expanding at an incredible rate. Partly due to our on-the-go lifestyle, the convenience that Americans crave from their meals is having dire consequences, from rising levels of juvenile diabetes to the obesity epidemic that is rampant in America that’s showing little sign of letting up.
A guide to interval training on an exercise bike, stationary trainer or rollers.
If you’re like me, doing the same exercise routine time after time can become boring. I have also noticed that my fitness tends to plateau, and the gains are not as good as they were to start with.
You might not have to become the next Rocky to improve your health and have a body that is lean and mean looking. However, it is not surprising that there is much to be gained by following the basic training that Rocky would use.
For many people when embarking on a fat loss journey, just getting to the gym is a hard enough task. When it’s not your job, like myself, or if you don’t love it yet, or it’s not a habit, then just thinking about it could make you stay up at night. The whole feeling of being in a gym for some can be very over whelming. But it does not have to be. Here are some fool proof ways that can help you stay accountable.
We all tend to eat more during the cold weather months, whether it is due to the quantity of holiday gatherings we attend or simply out of boredom. The resolution for the new year is often to lose some weight, but only the most motivated will participate in a Toronto workout in order to drop unwanted pounds.
The Oklahoma City boot camp experience and what it means for us as we finally try to get ourselves back into the shape we once knew before succumbing to the current lifestyle that led to our poor fitness usually reveals that we can benefit from structure. Sadly, this new millennium has presented us with issues that have created the feeling that we don't have time for fitness anymore.