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Perhaps you didn't mean it literally, but have you ever caught yourself saying, "You're killing me" or "I'm dying to hear more" or "My job is killing me"? The words we say and think are effectively telling our brains how to react to people, things, and situations.
All Christians are given one of the above gifts by the Holy Spirit when they become children of God. These are special gifts that the Holy Spirit Himself will help you develop and use in service to God.
Communication is More Than Just Words, Same Words, Different Message. I would like to ask you to do an interactive experiment with me for a few minutes. The word we are all going to use is Oh. A very common word and one we use a number of times every day.
If you came from a family where you were not allowed to express your true feelings, you may not even be aware of the range of feelings that are normal and experienced every day. In communication with your family you may find yourself overusing the old stand by’s of “Mad, Sad and Happy.”
When communicating with others, words are important. They relay the literal meaning of what you're trying to communicate. But words aren't everything. Body language is the key to understanding the true meaning behind what somebody is saying.