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A plea, and direct ultimatum, to the Somalia diaspora.
President Obama must think wisely before making the final judgement on Iran. The case for the War may have valid arguments, but not enough for a War, much less, Economic Sanctions.
An emerging political party is growing stronger and the desire for change has become a movement for justice. The international community must foster it and not hinder it. In Pakistan, a frontline state in the War on Terror, the implications are real and can determine the difference between victory and defeat. Pakistan's Tehreek-e-Insaf offers one hope, the hope of good governance.
Into the gas chambers and crematoria, the Jews of the Holocaust emptied their faith and continued to worship the God of their ancestors. In their darkest moments, the Jews of Nazi concentration camps fabricated a “normal” life for their progeny. Despite their impending mortality, they created an ordinary world on the inside to protect children from raging genocide on the outside.
Headline President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize,What does this mean in Afghanistan
There are 2 types of actions we can take: 1. A call for love, or 2. And act of love Within every act of cruelty is a call for love which can easily be transmuted to an act of Love.
The whole world is going through the worst economic crisis since 1930s. Million of Job cuts throughout USA and European Union. Most of the companies are looking for bailout packages from govt. USA has already passed 2 bills of putting approximately 1.5 Trillion US$ in her economy. Will this Economic crisis continues like this or does it has to stop somewhere? Nobody knows.
We had reviewed some data in last article about historical background of Israel bombing to Palestine. War has rooted in Bani Israel race since hundreds year a go and seems what B. Franklin warned us is truly in fact.
Every night the building shakes and due to it children are very scared, their faces turn yellow. The sound of the guns is very loud.
The images being watched on television live by millions would move any heart, except those immune to human suffering. By this Israel or its supporters cannot win the heart of Muslims.