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There are many health advantages to eating a vegetarian diet, as many common foods have hidden ingredients that should be avoided.
Goshen’s pumpkin sushi is a wonderful vegetarian dish that is easy to prepare. This is also can have a wonderful presentation for dinner parties or important events. Goshen’s pumpkin sushi has about a 1-1:30 hour cooking time.
Goshen’s coconut mushrooms are a wonderful vegetarian meal. The mushrooms used are portabella mushroom thickly sliced. Goshen’s coconut mushrooms complement any meats or poultry.
Goshen’s Spinach and Garlic is an easy vegetarian dish that will make a spinach lover out of anyone. This dish is a nice one to impress the vegetarian in your life. Goshen’s spinach and garlic is topped with sesame seeds to add a wonderful crunchy texture to this vegetarian dish. This dish is a really fast vegetarian meal that will impress.
Goshen’s bok choy is a wonderful vegetarian dish that is a good main dish or side for seafood lovers. This dish is uses light soy sauce or is also nice with a hoisin sauce.
Goshen’s spicy vegetables are a wonderful vegetarian meal for two. This dish can also be a wonderful vegetarian appetizer for up to four people. Goshen’s spicy vegetables have a wonderful mix of vegetables in coconut milk.
Goshen’s mushroom stir-fry is a tasty vegetarian meal that will leave mushroom lovers out there wanting more and more. This dish can use any mushroom you like, shiitake mushrooms, “my favorite.” Goshen’s mushroom stir-fry is a wonderful dish for the mushroom lover in your life.
Goshen’s tofu stir-fry is a nice vegetarian meal that is a healthy alternative for you veggie lovers out there. The tofu has a pleasant creamy texture which is complemented by the crunchy stir-fried vegetables.
Goshen’s Crispy Cabbage is a nice way to accompany any meal. It is a way to add a little bit of a crunchy texture to any meal. Goshen’s crispy cabbage is especially good with shrimp meals.
Goshen’s vegetarian fried wontons are a good alternative for a vegetarian appetizer or snack. This vegetarian appetizer or snack contains a wonderful blend of tofu, scallions, garlic, and ginger. Goshen’s vegetarian fried wontons are complemented by a dipping sauce that adds a subtle flavor to the wontons.