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People often have a lot to contend with whenever they travel abroad but this can be more so the case when it comes to trying to get a renew passport.
When one thinks of Moscow, its easy to imagine tall domes and spires jutting into the sky.
At least once while having to endure another Monday at work, everyone has thought about running away to the glittering blue waters of Cancun.
Qatar is a country that sticks out into the Persian Gulf. It's capital and largest city with a population of almost a million people is Doha, a culturally colorful metropolitan area quickly rising the ranks as one of the best spots to stop on vacation.
There are so many stereotypical vacation destinations out there, and the last thing you want to do is go on a boring vacation. Tel Aviv is different. Located in Israel, this busy city is both gorgeous to the beholder and filled to the brim with culture and history also. Perched right on the edge of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv is the second largest city in the country.
It seems that new passports are in the news a lot lately and recently there was an incident report involving the Iroquois lacrosse team. They were going to England to compete in the World Championships. They were not permitted to leave because they possessed Iroquois passports.
It's incredibly frustrating when you go on a vacation and it just doesn't hit the spot. And sometimes, giving new life to a boring vacation is as easy as crossing the border. Therefore, Canada is an excellent option for vacation.
Many of us have a file for our important papers but I wonder if these pieces of paper are a lot more valuable than you might imagine. Most Americans have American passports, social security and driver's license cards, and birth certificates. When you realize the large part of your daily life played by these documents, you may find they require quite a degree of respect.
Recently in the news have been stories about Israeli diplomats being asked to leave various foreign embassies because of a forged American passport used by the Israeli secret service to assassinate Mahmoud el Mabhouh. Friday, the 11th of June, 2010, Mabhouh was murdered in Dubai by the agents of Israel's secret service.
Passports can actually be used as a tool to create division between a parent and a child so in a difficult divorce, passports can become weapons. A law has been created to protect both parents as well as the child when child support is withheld and yet a costly vacation is planned.