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Life is tragic, exciting, wonderful, and terrifying - all at the same time. Yet our journey through the passage of time allows us to act in ways that benefit others. Time is the fire in which we burn. We have only one chance to act wisely with each fleeting moment. Compassionate behavior is superior to repentance. Selflessness overcomes egoism. Tolerance surpasses hatred and fear. Contentment is a gift that each of us can control. It is achieved, paradoxically, by making others happy.
When communicating with others, words are important. They relay the literal meaning of what you're trying to communicate. But words aren't everything. Body language is the key to understanding the true meaning behind what somebody is saying.
In these times of uncertainty the word of God is the place of safety and hope.So open the word and see what God says about your future.
What we Muslims need today is a change of understanding; we need to step out of our time and place and see our situation in the light of the laws that Allah placed in His creation, and the guidance that He sent His Prophet (Sall Allaho alaihe wasallam) with.