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In 1997, Franck Dubarry from St. Tropez created and founded Technomarine. Using the beautiful ocean as his inspiration, he created watches that were perfect for those who shared his passion for the sea. His highly sophisticated and superior watches, while serving as a useful piece of equipment, went beyond the realm of the ocean to be stylish accessories as well.
The Technomarine brand of watches was originally established in 1997 by a man who had a vision. He wanted to create watches that were nothing less than superior and make them available to be purchased. With a huge variety of styles and colors, these watches present so many opportunities for you to find your perfect watch.
Known all over the globe as a symbol of affluence and sophistication, Technomarine watches continue to make an impression, even today. Made to be noticed and adored, this sort of watch are definitely attention seekers. With their beautiful colors, sparkling gems, and timelessly classic designs, it's hard not to notice one on someone's arm.
People of every age group have become enamored with Technomarine watches. Old and young people everywhere are catching on to the Technomarine trend, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The superior quality and design of these watches has landed them as a forerunner in the watch industry, and it's easy to see why.
Technomarine watches are constructed with a high-tech ceramic material. They have totally upgraded the image of today's wristwatch. Their Swiss design and internals and sleek, leading-edge configuration, has startled the world of chronographs.
Originally created back in 1997, Technomarine has since been making huge strides and setting the trend for luxury watches. It's hard not to notice these watches when browsing, as they come in sophisticated designs and beautifully toned colors.
Owners of Technomarine watches realize this accomplishment, so they take the time to pick out cases to display them while they're not being worn. These owners appreciate the superior craftsmanship that goes into crafting these watches, so they go the extra mile in order to protect them.
Originally, diving watches were made for members of the military so their watches could survive watery conditions. They were also created so divers could have the time while they were deep underwater. Technomarine watches were made to address these needs. A watch needs to be water resistant to at least three hundred thirty feet or one hundred meters in order to hold the official title of "diving watch."
The hard work and genuine passion that go into crafting a Technomarine watch makes them as special as they are. Crafted for extreme underwater adventures, these watches are individually tested to be sure they stand up to the reputation they've acquired. Each material for each part of the watch is carefully chosen and even more intensely tested to ensure that your watch will last you a lifetime.
Technomarine watches met consumer eyes for the first time in 1997. The sleek sophistication, yet sporty invention quickly attracted the attention of many around the world. Embracing originality, luxury, and extravagance, these collections aimed to please the active adventurer. Catering to both, men and women, this company set a foundation offering never before seen compilations of fine Swiss manufactured quality materials and jaw dropping creative features.