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The first mobile phone I used was just that: a phone that I could use while on the move. It did have a calculator, snakes (the game) and a calendar, but not much else.
In less than a decade, the rise and rise of internet has totally changed the way we live. Various applications and software have flourished with the universal acceptance and spread of the internet.
Westone ES5 is the one of the best, if not the best, custom fit in-ear headphone that ever came to the market.
Demand for Diverse iPad apps and great opportunities in iPad Application Development
Rapid growth and swift technological development in the world of smart phones has totally transformed the world of communication.
A decade ago, an imposing office building and well-dressed staff was seen as a sign of a successful and reliable organization.
Smartphones have taken the world of communication by storm and the latest breed of mobile phone is more fun, useful and powerful than ever before.
Most recently, many companies have adopted the strategy of hiring offshore PHP developers. The reason behind this move is quite obvious.
Published studies indicate that, person-to-person, we interpret messages: • Visually — 55% from facial expressions • Vocally — 38% from voice quality and the way words are spoken • Verbally —7% from the actual words With techno or e-communications, the relevance of the actual word choice increases dramatically. From the minor 7% bit player in face-to-face communication, words now move up to 70%, a big change of roles.
Apple’s iPhone applications are no more a forbidden apple for all of us now. It has been so popularized with the ever-increasing utility of iPhone SDK.