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When TV shows/channel say they had "X" amount of viewers, how do they know? Is there like a little tracking thing where they can tell if you are on a certain channel? Do you have to be on the channel a certain amount of time for it counts you as a viewer? Like if I was just flipping through channels would I count as a viewer for that show on every channel? Confused how this works? Let me give some useful information:
Thinking of purchasing a LCD TV but don't know where to start? First let's look at the basic advantages of it.
How do you harness the different Marketing Media Available to you? What can you do to get the best results from your marketing spend? This article discusses these and more questions.
I am going to show you where you can find the best anime downloads. Some of them free and some are free after you pay a small administrator fee that is required for site up-keep. So if your want thousands of anime downloads keep reading.