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Starting your own business? Here are 5 things to consider before spending any money.
Looking for money? Look for unconventional sources. Here are some creative ideas...
If you have the entrepreneurial fire, 2011 might be your year to stoke your desire. But first, consider these 10 thought starters.
My thoughts about Georgia's annual Sales Tax Holiday and why I'm not a huge fan.
GA Dept of Revenue announces a new report form giving taxpayers unprecedented access to information about distribution of Sales Tax revenues across Georgia's counties and cities.
Can we simply create buzz, excitement and fun with our marketing efforts, and not offer substance?
This will affect almost every small business in Georgia.
Excerpted from "Training Camp: What the Best Do Better Than Everyone Else", by Jon Gordon. These apply to every entrepreneur and startup. Make them yours.
56 out of every 100 businesses are NOT found on internet because they do not have a website or any other form of web presence, so the customers looking for information and possibly making a decision to buy obviously go to the other 44 who do… Are you one of those who are giving away their business? And, if yes, what can you do to stop it...
Are you playing safe or NOT playing at all?