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Many IT consulting firms are avoiding offering SaaS applications to their clients as an alternative to on-premise solutions. One reason is these firms aren't sure how to generate revenue from SaaS. This blog describes a strategy for generating revenue from SaaS
Living in the age of Information technology in the face of slow economies, businesses need all sorts of applications to stay ahead. That may not be possible for everyone. That is where Software as a Service (SaaS) industry comes to help.
Potential customers are eying you up every time you interact with them. Prompt response keeps you in the game.
I understand the need to offer inexpensive laptops for developing countries, but there is no reason to limit this technology to these countries.
Cloud computing is in its infancy but catching on quickly because the cost is so low. With tight credit, businesses are gettng creative. Google and Amazon have a big head start on Microsoft
With Capital virtually non-existent, many companies are looking for an option to purchasing software and hardware. On demand software (aka Software as a Service) is a great alternative to owning a quickly depreciating asset.