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President Obama, speaking at the Northern Michigan University, said that the administration is planning to connect 98 percent of the country through internet within the coming five years.
Business despise uncertainty, and have been faced with nothing but uncertainty for the last two years. Recent changes in Washington will be viewed by the business community favorably, and will help to get us rolling in the right direction.
Last week, in a speech at West point, President Obama announced his revised strategy towards Afghanistan committing, 30,000 additional troops. The new strategy does not give an exact timeframe for transition of responsibilities from allied troops to Afghan security forces, and places deep dependence on corrupt Afghan government, and this makes its implementation more challenging. To succeed in Afghanistan the US should better account for the realities on ground and the complexities of the local culture.
Pakistanis leave in the wake of a Military Offensive Against the Taliban and are the Taliban recruiting children for suicide bombings