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The ideas of Realism and why NATO expansion is opposed by France and Germany as well as Russia if Ukraine and Georgia were to Join NATO.
To understand fully the ramifications of the American president Obama's recent surprise peace visit to Kabul, it is first essential to understand the positions of the 6 key players involved in the current Afghan conundrum: the USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, China, India and the Taliban.
Is India being denied unduly the Effective Role in Afghanistan? A detailed analysis.
The USA and NATO led Afghan forces are pushing deeper into the southern stronghold of Taliban in Afghanistan amidst reports of the Taliban using Afghan people as Human Shields to thwart the military offensive against them.
Headline President Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize,What does this mean in Afghanistan
The first question which come into mind after listening to such tragic attacks on masjid is that who are behind these attacks? Who want to de-stabilize .............
Indo US nuclear deal, India's willingness to replace NATO Forces in Afghanistan and its readiness to play the role of a policeman in the Indian ocean speaks volumes of its future designs.
Did United States of Amercia and his allies in NATO forcoes already lost or losing the war in Afghanistan. What should be the next?
Time never remains same and should not under estimate Russians.