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Mobility scooters are loved by both adults and elderly people. People without any problem use them for fun and people with walking disabilities use them to go places.
Mobility scooters, run on rechargeable batteries, both three-wheelers and four-wheelers, have provided independence and freedom of movement to the elderly and physically handicapped persons.
Blister, in common parlance, is said to be a thin bubble or swelling on the skin often containing watery matter. In medical terminology, a blister is a small collection of fluid in the surface layer of the skin.
If you feel uncomfortable due to the fact that you are suffering from urinary incontinence, then in this article you will discover what you should do.
Medical supplies should always be purchased from reliable stores. If not, then the consequences might be serious.
A few years back, it was only a dream for feeble and disabled people to move freely from one place to another.
A person suffering from diabetes is commonly understood to be one having more sugar (glucose) in his blood than is normally required. Almost 170 million people around the world suffer from this disease.
The freedom of movement provided by both ‘power chairs’ and ‘electric mobility scooters’ have worked wonders for such physically handicapped persons - which was something ‘unthinkable of’ a few decades ago.
Incontinence in older people, like incontinence in the young, is usually caused by an underlying condition, such as a urinary tract disorder or a problem with the nerves that control the bladder or the intestines.
Of the various treatments available for urinary incontinence, one of these is catheterisation using a bard catheter. A catheter is used to draw urine out of the bladder through the urethra when the bladder fails to expel the accumulated urine in it by itself.