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I'll be blunt ladies. I don't know many guys who would be interested in settling down with an old woman, let alone one with ugly kind of 'baggage'. It's hard enough parking our men roving eye at the best of times women.
In today’s world, a lot have changed due to education and technology advancement. These changes act as an equal opportunity and have affected everyone regardless of the person age or gender
Why am I here? What should I do? Where should I go? With whom? What will happen when I am gone? Why is there so much pain? What is the meaning of life?
What is the main reason for the breakdown in marriages? Lack of communication. Learning to communicate properly is the key to saving any troubled marriage.
Every successful marriage has a number of factors in common. When it comes to raising children, there is one primary factor - the United Parental Front. While you may worry that setting strict rules of conduct in your family may distance you from your children, studies prove you are worrying needlessly.
When two people are just starting a relationship, they do their best to present only their best and most attractive attributes to the other party. For the relationship to continue to evolve both want to feel appreciated, admired, validated and wanted.
So often we hear the statistic - "more than half of all marriages end in divorce". And, it is true. But, why? Does it have to be this way? Is there no escaping it? Our 100% Solution is how to escape being one of the 50% that end in divorce.
If you suspect infidelity and you want to find out the truth you need to know how to avoid breaking the law in the process. Here are some key tips to legally find the truth.
Most of the human race longs for someone they can spend the rest of their life with. It's our nature. We are wired with a need for companionship and the mating instinct. If you have found that mate but have lost them, you may still be able to get them back.
The degrading of our children through minimizing the value of sex in a married relationship is extremely hurtful to our society. We see constant exposure to ads that use sex to sell merchandise. We see sexual explicit movies and TV programs and we see sex education in many of our schools that concentrate more on how to avoid the physical consequence of having sex outside of marriage, rather than teaching sound Biblical principals.