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A family is most productive functioning as a unit. Think of a family as a healthy potted plant. A plant is made up of small individual stems and branches that, as separate entities, appear fragile and unsteady. But growing and developing together, they gain strength and protection from one another. The plant and the family is healthier and grows more when everyone cooperates and shares the resources as well as environment.
What is wrong in remaining single. It is far better than hang yourself in the rope of relationship with the knot of wedding.
The long distance relationship not only caused by working or studies far from home but its like a virus that attacking singles around the globe.
What most of the girls wish to hear from his Mr. Perfect like ‘I love you just the way you are and I would not change a thing about you’ If these lines are what bring a smile on her lips, then what's wrong?
They must have to change to get the exact info of their own children whether they are sitting with right friends or not. Mostly due to home neglect the child, get spoiled.
Love between partners get stronger in time of grief with maximum emotions and without sex. The counseling by the life partner not only decrease the anxiety also give strength to face the reality.
The World Health Organization noted that someone commits suicide every 40 seconds thus making it one of the leading causes of death in the world.
Kissing is one of some ways to show care and love. Under our sub consciousness, our self ask us to give it to everyone that we love. We give respect and love kiss to our parents, sister and brother, we give friendship kiss to our friends, we give care kiss to our pets, we give warm, sweet, passionate and so much kiss to our husband/lover.
If we love each other without focusing the cast and religion or making it the matter of self ego than no one can harm or kill niether a human nor an animal.
Love Forever or Love for short. We are a social animal on this planet and we have our own way to love someone. To love with your parents, children, siblings, wife or husband & your girlfriend or boyfriend is very generic in our world.