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Can you ever be non-reactive? How to become your own light? Read on.
The most spiritual-seekers seem to be confusing the human male sex organ -lenga [penis/phallus] and human female sex organ-yonee [vagina] with the jyoteerlenga [lenga of light] and the sarvajoteeryonee [yonee of light] by saying that the lenga in shevaalayas represent the male sex organ…! But, it is not so…!
Are MIND and SOUL Different Entities...?
Basically there are two types of lights OUTDOOR Light and INDOOR Light. Outdoor lights are used in gardening and other outside areas like streets and grounds. Whereas indoor lights are useful f0r home purpose mainly used in decorating and other interior purposes.
What is the ‘The Aadetya Vegyaana’ or ‘the science of the light’?
Like it or not, you pay for injuries. The insurance companies just finances them. In fact, on less severe claim, you will pay them back through an increase in premium 100% up to over 250%! They simply cover the initial costs of the claim so it’s impact on your company is not all at once. The total incurred cost of the claim, total paid & total reserves, are then included in the calculation of your experience mod, which will increase or decrease based up on the costs & type of the claims.
Exploration and criticism involving use of light and dark metaphors in Othello.