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This article explains about why India a popular destination for health and medical tourism.
One thing that most people grapple with in life is the idea of how to live a life which is balanced. Some usually lean in one direction and are found wanting in other very important areas of life. No one area supersedes the other. They are all important. I am also not saying that you are supposed to spend the same amount of time in every aspect of life. In this article my main objective is to bring to light some areas which when you look into you can be effective and fruitful.
Why most people think Bangkok, Thailand, is bad, is they only hear the bad stories. If one would take the time to look, plan and really take the country and people for what they are; hard working, friendly people, they will have the best time ever. In this series I will like to take you to the city of Angels.
Everyone needs silence and privacy at times. Many parents have their children in so many structured programs to "enrich" their lives that there is no times to just think and be. We should never become full time recreation directors for our children.