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Countless beaches, sun facing seashores, charming blue waves - Kerala is considered as the god’s own country. Number of lagoons boats, lot of rivers is what makes Kerala a special and unique place for traveling and spending the best of holidays.
Kerala is a perfect and one of the magnificent tourism destinations that has lot to split and lot to offer to its guests who come from across the crook and corner of the world.
Uttaranchal is blessed with plethora of flora and fauna and an enormous diversity of climate. These natural possessions of the state have made them one of the most preferred tour destinations of domestic as well as tourists from abroad.
The state of Uttaranchal houses some of the magnificent hill stations, some of great pilgrimages of Hindus, adventure sports topography, landscapes and valleys in India.
Uttaranchal being one of the beautiful tourist destinations is at the same time a leading educational destination. Education here is of paramount quality with numerous foremost schools and colleges in it.
Kerala the land-living of nature’s assorted beauty call scores of tourists from numerous parts of the world. Kerala is one of the most amazing, attractive and famous visitor’s destinations of India known for its scenic beauty.