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Learn how to take the necessary steps and change whatever negative emotions trigger those deep-seated feelings of loneliness in your life for good.
How can the body of Christ Grow with out spreading his word? The word of God is meant to be heard, where people who are spiritually dieing live. John 3:16-18
With Valentines Day just two days away we see and hear many romantic ideas about love and relationships, and what it means to be in a loving relationship with another. While it is certainly not my intention to rain on any one's parade, I do want to offer a few friendly/compassionate reminders. First ask your self, how many people or couples do you know that are in a truly loving and joy filled relationship?
How do you feel when you wake up in the morning, another dreadful day, nothing to look forward to? What you tell yourself early in the morning says a lot about what kind of a day it is going to be for you.
I love the holiday season. It is a time of family, feasting, laughter and enjoying God's blessings. The holiday season is also a time of thanksgiving and giving God praise.