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Gujarat has emerged as an auto hub owing to the business-friendly practices of the government, the ease of land-acquisition, the state’s well-built road networks and infrastructure, and its commitment to develop as an industrial state.
Gujarat faced floods, earthquakes and riots at the beginning of the millennium, and these three strikes hurt its economy. But the state economy has continued to grow steadily, and as a number of companies are investing in Gujarat, a large number of people are finding the option of working in Ahmedabad attractive.
Gujarat has been in headlines for the more than ten years. The growing economy of the state has taken riots, floods and earthquakes in its stride.
The booming Indian economy is raising the standards of living and more and more numbers are added to the middle class (now over 200 million).
Gujarat has always been one of India’s economic bastions. The state is heavily industrialized—a direct response to the lack of arable land, inadequate rainfall and underdeveloped irrigation systems.