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A set of pliers are the most important tool you'll use to make jewelry. Here are the different types of pliers you should use.
Working with jewelry wire can be difficult for beginners. Make sure you have the experience before working with expensive wire.
There are plenty of benefits to buying wholesale beads, especially if you're looking to sell your created jewelry.
You'll need these jewelry supplies to make your custom jewelry effectively and efficiently.
There are plenty of jewelry findings that can make your custom jewelry last a long time. Make sure you get the right findings for the jewelry you want to create.
If you want to make jewelry you have to make sure you have the right tools. Here is a list of must-haves for your toolbox.
Akha hill tribe women in northern Laos dress in faded shades of black cloth. Color exists only in their decorative accouterments. Old coins add a bit of glinting highlight to their costumes. The Akha are a proud people. It's thought they may have originated in Mongolia about 1500 years ago. Today most Akha hill tribes live in southern China or in northern Thailand or in two provinces of nearby northern Laos. Today their culture is on decline . . .
When I started earning big Income, I started also buying valuable jewelries like gold and diamonds.
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