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Does every Indian want to become Anna? Was Anna Hazare's 13-day-fast success the success of the Gandhian ideology? What has Team-Anna been fighting for? What is the Self-Purification Movement?
John 3: 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
How can the body of Christ Grow with out spreading his word? The word of God is meant to be heard, where people who are spiritually dieing live. John 3:16-18
Trying to understand mainstream Christianity
The true spiritual-seekers are asking themselves – Are these so-called spiritual-masters and Yoga-experts busy in minting money by selling their spiritual wares really True Spiritual-Guides or are just another kind of ordinary marketing and sales-people trying to market and sell their products to make money?
I end up forgetting all He has done for me, and I fall. Sometimes I fall hard, but every time He lifts me up again, brushes off the filth and encourages me to try again only to see me fall over and over again. But HE DOESN'T GIVE UP ON ME!
One of the most common concerns among believers is trying to figure out the right path that God has planned for them. They pray that God will give them a clear direction, stating they want to serve God’s will and not waste their time going down the wrong path. The problem is, most of these people already have a direction in mind. They then get frustrated or confused when God doesn’t seem to be leading them down the path they think they should be going.
Can a Christian be actively involved in politics and retain his Christian character? How should a Christian react to government when ungodly laws are passed?
There is a problem when a denomination will not say it is the church Jesus built? If it will not say that why be there?
Over the centuries, both before Jesus Christ and after, wicked young people have sought thrills by ambushing innocent people. Because they are cowards, they usually pick on people who cannot defend themselves.