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Anaphylactic shock is also known as “anaphylaxis”. Anaphylactic shocks are very rare and can be extremely severe. They start as a sudden allergic reaction that involves the entire body. The allergic reaction occurs because the body’s immune system reacts inappropriately in response to the presence of a substance that is wrongly perceived as “harmful” or “threatening”.
Hay-fever is a common health problem that people suffer from, caused by an allergy to pollen. It is also known as "Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis" or "Intermittent Allergic Rhinitis". Up to 15% of the population, suffers from hay-fever and the numbers continue to rise every year.
An allergy is an allergic reaction that happens when our immune system decides not to cope with something that is normally harmless to our bodies and decides to overreact by creating antibodies. The source of the reaction is called an allergen. Whenever our bodies come into contact with the allergen, they will react and think it is harmful and will then release histamine into our bloodstream in order to fight it.