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When you have a hectic life you are more likely to incur lifestyle cancer. You eat too much fatty and fried food with high sodium contain. Too much entertainment means drinking and smoking excessively.
There are two parts in this story. The first part is about happiness at old age. The second part is about living 9 years longer.
I have no sleeping problems. Every night when it is time for me to slumber off I just look forward to it. Perhaps it is my habits that decide the quality of my sleep.
According to a study published in Medical Journal on 17th December regarding smoking is most significant associated with an increased risk for colorectal cancer and death.
This was The blues phase lasted few weeks and started fading away as the baby got little older and gained independence.
I enjoy eating the sweet, fragrant flesh of the lychee fruit very much. However the fruit is more than the sweetness and tastiness, it is packed with a lot of health benefits.
77% of the cancer cases are related to a person’s lifestyle, as reported by the American Institute for Cancer Research.
When you are able to identify the sources of your stress you are able to deal with it more effectively. Here are some of the causes of stress from the work itself and the environment at the workplace.
According to a local newspaper it is reported that whether we have our priorities right.Children are paying too much attention to excel in their education at the expense of their health and safety...
Frustrated with daily work life - why dont you try to stress out with online games. Beleive me it works.