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What is the Sanaatana Dharma?
What are the different types of the trade treaties? Read the article to find out.
What are the different types of the trade areas? Read the article to find out.
Are the multinational companies going to replace the traditional governments all over the world? Do the multinational corporations really act as the global citizens?
"The Satisfaction Index" is a much better approach than the other approaches like the prosperity index, the development index, the product index, etc. The later terms are a bit restrictive and narrow in reach and implications. For example, a country may reach the desired level of "the prosperity index" and still find its citizens dissatisfied and an unhappy lot!
What is Washington doing? while people are dying and it's business as usual for the Taliban and AL-Qaeda
The point is that we are in an economical downturn were the end is not foreseen until now.Small and Medium Business (SMB) have, and always had, a special role in regional economies and employment, to accelerate the turnaround of this international crisis, it is a key issue to leverage globalization and entrepreneurship SMBs and start-ups.
As everybody knows about the global economic crises in all over the World. Many Major Technology based giants are cutting their jobs due to global crises.
If you ever lost a job, or are you trapped in the feelings of Job Insecurity? The current global slowdown has forced us to accept this threat as a part of our daily life. This report will give you some insight of how to cope up with Job loss and what we can do in our good times to fight in tough times.
Israel responded promptly to the global crisis despite political limitations, but economic stimulus measures need to be contained to avert a ballooning budget deficit.