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Ice Hockey demands lots of endurance, stamina, as well as a calm mind. Now you all would definitely not agree with the last point I mentioned. How can a player have a calm mind, when he is on ice, competing hard to win? Well, I have got an answer for you, which though not completely but notably will help a player to stay stress free on ice, apart from remaining energetic. The answer is; Yoga.
What makes ice hockey tricky and different from the simple hockey? Obviously the ice floor, on which the players cannot run but have to slide.
Ice hockey is a great sport. First it was only played in the winter season and than with the help of advance technologies it is possible to play hockey in other season too by creating artificial ice hockey ground.
Ice hockey is regarded as a game of ice and fire. As ICE points that it is always played on the ice ground and Fire signifies that the players have fire in them to shoot a goal and be the winner.